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Topiary Shapes, Sizes and Prices
Plants on stage in marquee *
All prices include the plant and a lead-faux container - hatched design.
All prices include VAT and are for a 24 hour hire period. Extended hire can be arranged at a reduced rate.
Delivery, installation and collection charges depend upon number of plants required, total travel distance and difficulties of installation. Please ask for a quotation.
Plant shapes and sizes can be mixed.


Laurus nobilis (Bay tree)
* Twisted stem standard (lollipop) 200cm tall 65cm dia £28.00 * Column (pole with foliage from top to bottom) 175cm tall 40cm base £20.00
* Straight stemmed standard 220cm tall 65cm dia £28.00 * Rings (only 2 available at present) 130cm tall 100cm Dia £25.00
* Straight stemmed standard 175+cm tall 65cm Dia £25.00 * Cone 180cm tall 50cm base £20.00
* Straight stemmed standard 150-160cm tall 65cm dia £20.00 * Cone 250- 280cm tall 75cm base (*only available with nursery pot) £35.00
* Straight stemmed standard 100-110cm tall 40cm dia £15.00    
Buxus (box)
* Cone 120cm tall 35cm base £15.00 * Spiral 160cm tall 35cm base £25.00
* Cone 170cm tall 80cm base £25.00 * Cube 50cmx50cm £20.00
* Ball up to 40cm dia £15.00 * 2xRound ball trough 70cm L 30cm W 60cm H £15.00 OR £12.50 each for more than 6
* 40-60cm dia £20.00    
* Other sizes usually available    
Ligustrum (Italian Privet)
* Standard 170cm tall 60cm head £25.00 * Heart on stem 125cm tall 40cm across £15.00
* 3 Ball 190cm tall 50cm dia balls * Lantern on stem 180cm tall (2 available) £25.00
* 2 Ball 120cm tall 35cm dia balls £15.00 * 3 ball pom-pom 175cm tall 40cm dia balls £20.00
    * Spiral 175cm tall 50cm base £20.00
Taxus (Yew)
* Spiral 190cm tall 55cm base £25.00 * Cylinder with ball on top 160cm tall 45cm base £25
Ilex crenata (Japanese holly)
* Heart (no stem) 100cm tall 55cm across £15.00 * Standard 150cm tall 50cm dia £15.00
X Cupressocyparis leylandii (conifer)
* Standard 150cm tall 50cm dia £15.00 * Spiral 150cm tall £15.00
* Spiral 220cm tall £25.00    
Evergreen Climbing Jasmine Grown on fan trellis (makes a great divide)
* 150-160cm tall 80-90cm wide pot 40cm x 40cm £15.00    
Evergreen Climbing Ivy Grown on fan trellis (makes a great divide)
* 150-160cm tall 80-90cm wide pot 40cm x 40cm £15.00    
* Other shapes and sizes of plant maybe available please call and ask.
* You are welcome to come and view the stock. Please call first to arrange a suitable time.
01244 300696