Springfields Topiary
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Dressing and Accessories

Conifer plant with roses in head & a ivy swag

Fairy Lights

If you would like to add a little sparkle to the occasion why not add some enchanting fairy lights. We supply battery-operated lighting, which will comfortably operate for 24hrs. This enables the plants to be situated away from any mains electricity supply. The lights can be set to a slow glow or a rapid twinkle to suit the mood of the moment.

Price: £5 per plant

Bows, Ribbons & Tulle

We can supply plants with bows, ribbon and tulle. Combining plants with fabric is a great way of bringing a touch of colour to the greenery. Colours can be matched with any carefully planned floral or dress scheme or simply used to provide a little lift to the arrangement.

Bows can be attached to the container, placed in the head or tied on the stem of a plant. A simple ribbon can be wound around the stem or tulle can be used to link a series of plants together.



* Bows around pot from £3.00 each * Tulle: From £1.50/metre
* Individual wired organza bows placed on plant from £0.50 each    

Silk Flowers and Foliage

Our silk flowers and foliage can be used in the same way as fabric and the two components can be combined or used individually.

The flower size chosen should be in proportion to the size of the foliage of the plant so that the blooms neither dominate nor disappear amongst the greenery. Silk Ivy garlands can be used to link plants, wrap around stems or drape around the base of planted troughs.


* Individual silk flowers from £1.00 each * Silk Ivy garlands from £1.00

Florists and Individual Ideas

You or your florist may have your own thoughts as how you want to dress the plants. We are quite happy to provide you with our beautiful topiary and allow you to do the rest.

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